Welcome to K&S Engineering, PLLC
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At K&S Engineering, we are a full-service structural engineering consulting firm that understands our design responsibility is not limited to merely satisfying design code standards, performing engineering calculations, and producing efficient construction documents. 

But rather, we are driven by our commitment within the design team effort to produce good design for the end user of a given structure.  We also recognize that a quality design team will best serve the people involved in each stage of the construction process, and the evidence of good design will be reflected both during the process as well as in the finished product. 

By following the links above, you will observe how K&S Engineering has provided our clients with good design since 1984.  We welcome the opportunity to serve, so please contact us to observe firsthand how we can be an asset to your next project.

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“Design must reflect the practical and aesthetic in business but above all…good design must primarily serve people.”

                         Thomas J. Watson, Sr., IBM Chairman Emeritus

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